damn you - “With “Damn You” I set out to write a deep, sad and heartfelt love ballad and failed miserably! My real life relationship was going too well for that and I was stuck in writer’s block. So, the song is about being in love with someone who knows you too well and makes you too happy to let you self-sabotage or write a sad song.” - Shaina Silver-Baird

Ghost Caravan - Shine On






heart - “I have been working with producer/songwriter Matt Fudge and songwriter Martha Johnson. I always feel like I can take risks and make mistakes in the studio with Matt. He’s introducing me to a completely new way of writing music, using computers instead of live musicians and instruments. And Martha has such a gift with words. Sometimes, I’ll be stuck on how to say something and she’ll casually suggest something brilliant. I imagine a constant stream of words flowing through her head and she just picks them out like reaching into a stream. She was a huge help in capturing the feeling of Heart. Heart is about love. At the end of the day, it’s really the people in your life who matter.” - Shaina Silver-Baird

Ghost Caravan

Ghost Caravan is a group of collaborators lead by Shaina Silver-Baird. Her “ghosts” are what inform the music that she writes. Whether they are the ghosts of specific people, the ghosts of past loves or the ghosts of experience, this caravan of ghosts is the origin of her songs. “My music is still about dark places, but I focus on finding the light, the moment when you realize your own strength and ability to move forward. I want to be proud to share my songs with young women. There are so many voices in the world telling women how to think and feel about themselves. I want to be the voice that celebrates women. I want to empower and uplift people.” 

On her forthcoming record T.O. Confidential, Shaina Silver-Baird collaborated with members of the Weeknd, Grand Analog, Hill Kourkoutis of the Launch, Martha and the Muffins, the Four On The Floor String Quartet and many others. “There were so many amazing artists who collaborated on this project. It felt like a whole village came together to make this record and I’m so grateful to that community. I love creating music with other people. The end result is so much better because of the many points of view, different opinions and experiences that are woven into each song.”

The music itself is orchestral soultronica. The Ghost Caravan live show mixes electronic elements with live instruments creating a sound that is cinematic and invigorating. “I want to continue to push in the direction of personal/poetic lyrics coupled with grand, dramatic tracks. I want to develop the soulful core along with the orchestral element. It’s such an exciting sound – very contemporary and yet derived from something deeper and older. I love how celebratory it is. It’s as if we get to see the world through glasses that make the colours a bit more vibrant and the moments a bit more joyous. And getting to play these songs live with an all-female band is an exciting, powerful experience. Plus, it’s just so damn fun!”

“Ghost Caravan are a fast rising group of collaborators led by the brilliantly talented Shaina Silver-Baird.” — CelebMix

“Lushly layered electro-pop with a rousing chorus and upbeat message.” – FYI News


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