Ghost Caravan Video Premieres On CelebMix.Com premiered the Ghost Caravan video for Shine On today! The video is the directorial debut of actor and filmmaker Elise Bauman. The single will be available on all digital platforms through Stem Distribution this Friday, August 31st.

Describing the song, Shaina Silver-Baird of Ghost Caravan says: “Shine On” is an explosion of self-celebration. What started as a break up song, became an upbeat, feel good discovery of what it means to truly let your light shine against all odds. “Shine On” is the re-birth after loss, the dance party in your underwear, the uncontrollable laughter with friends. It’s a call to action: “Keep yourself moving into the sound, shine on!”  

While director Elise Bauman adds: “With Shine On being such a feel-good, dance-inducing jam, I wanted to create a video that simultaneously lifts up your spirits while making you want to get down and dance. Originally written as a post-breakup song, I expanded on the idea of seeing people shining on in the face of difficulty. When creating the concept, I asked myself the questions, what holds me back and dims my light, and what does it look like when I truly allow my inner light to shine? Through the video, we see women overcome self-limitations and “Shine On” as the brightest, truest, strongest versions of themselves.”  

You can check out the video here: