(Alister Johnson Remix)


shift (alister johnson remix) - When Alister Johnson first heard the track Shift, the producer/remixer was drawn to the vocal melody and knew that he could expand on the song by re-contextualizing the sound. “I wanted to take it away from the acoustic / live sound and bring it into the analog synth / drum machine world. I feel that it worked out, but apologize to Alex Lifeson that his guitar solo from the original version didn't make the remix!”


Alister Johnson is a forward-thinking producer and DJ. He is obsessed with discovering and manipulating new and unfamiliar sounds. His diverse career has included production work with Grand Analog and Zaki Ibrahim, creating jazz cuts with Sacha Williamson and touring Europe with Azari & III. He is well known within the Toronto DJ community and has commanded the decks as far afield as Germany, the UK and South Africa.

The Wilderness of Manitoba prefers to characterize itself as an evolving entity. “When a band isn’t changing, it’s not growing,” says guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Will Whitwham. From the band’s inception, it has redefined itself with every album. In its seven year of existence, the band has played a multitude of festivals and toured the UK, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Canada. 


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